A Commune in the Ivory Tower: A New Approach to Architecture

Andrew Harmel-Law

Experience report (30 min)

I’m an architect, and I think a lot about architecture. Mostly I think about how irrelevant architecture is if it doesn’t get shipped to production. I worry a lot too. I worry about how to help all the teams I’m supposed to be helping, without slowing them down, getting in their way, or making their lives harder rather than easier.

Traditional (i.e. hands-off, blessed-few) approaches to architecture rarely (if ever) work. But in the world of microservices, autonomous teams, and continuous delivery, architecture is more important that ever. Is there an alternative?

This session will tell you how a different mindset and an associated set of practices (which do away with the traditional idea of “Architects” while bringing the practice of “Architecture” to the fore) can transform your practice. I’ll share my experiences of helping everyone to become an architect, without things reducing to chaos (though there might well be a healthy dose of anarchy).