Software Architecture is not a swearword

Oliver Zeigermann

Workshop (1.5 hours)

Within the community of coders “being an architect” or “doing architecture” is often looked down upon. When referring to architecture we often mean drawings of boxes and arrows that are pointless and have not relation to what is really being done.

However, architecture can also be defined as the important decision, whatever they are ( There always are important decisions and the code only contains the how and not the why. Such decisions often have to be made early in a project, require compromise and if being bad have the potential to make the project fail.

In this workshop we will look at the important decisions of projects, how to identify and justify then. This is independent of any technology or approach. We will also discuss how to document those decisions, so people actually trust them to be relevant and up to date.

There will be exercises on paper to be solved in teams.